Voting Guide Elections 2020

Voting Guide Elections 2020

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Voting Guide Groep-één
You should vote for Ralph van Ierland

Hi all, my name is Ralph I’m a master student in industrial and applied mathematics. In my time at this university I have been quite active at study association GEWIS, where I also did a board year, and I have also been active in the career development at the TU/e through MyFuture. This year, I joined the fraction of Groep-één where I’m also the chair since September. The past year, I’ve been working a lot on education related matters, which was all very interesting, especially due to the current situation. Now, I want to use our learned lessons to further improve our university, our education and your opportunities to develop yourself in the way you want to! I hope for your trust once again to represent your voice. Vote for groep-één December 1st and 2nd!
You should vote for Britt van de Laar

Hi everyone. My name is Britt van de Laar and I'm a fourth year built environment student. Last year I was the commissioner of education from study association CHEOPS. In that year I learned a lot on how the advisory bodies of the TU/e work and what they can get done. I think it is important for students to know that they have a say in our university. Therefore I want to represent you in the university council. I have also some experience with the advisory bodies of the TU/e. Due to my function as commissioner of education I was part of the program committe of the Built Environment (where I am still part of at the moment) and the joint program committee. But even before my board year I was active in the Departmental council of the Built Environment. With all those experiences. I hope I can contribute in making this university an even better place. And making sure every student finds a place where they can truly be themselves and grow
You should vote for Boris Zwaan

Hello Everybody! My name is Boris Zwaan and I’m in my master’s of Chemical Engineering. From the beginning of my time as a student, I’ve been busy working for TU/e and their students. Being the chairman of Wervingsdagen last year, I’ve come into contact with all the different studies, study/student associations and university services. Next to that, I’ve worked in several advisory committees, project teams and jobs at TU/e, understanding TU/e’s vision and working culture. With these experiences, I want to contribute to TU/e even more in providing advice via the university council to make TU/e a place where you can develop yourself in a way that suits you in the best possible way. (So that all students can benefit from what TU/e has to give.) I believe that proper personal leadership/ development and a good balance between challenge based and research based education, in collaboration with the industry, will become the standard at TU/e. TU/e’s community is unique in every sense, already providing a lot of these opportunities for our students and will integrate in TU/e even further in the future. I’m very enthusiastic to advice and help TU/e in executing this task and to make sure all students will benefit from everything TU/e has to give.
You should vote for Anne Jenster

Helloo, My name is Anne and I am currently in the last year of the Bachelor of Industrial Design. Last year I did a board year at s.v.i.d. Lucid where I fulfilled the function of commissioner of Education. In that year I had the honor of participating in a lot of different advisory bodies, which let me realize that as a student you can have a big influence in the university. I am a creative person and love to come up with solutions no matter what the problem is. So I hope to bring some creativeness to the university council and solve some problems together.
You should vote for Marcin van de Ven

I’m Marcin and I’m currently in my first year of the Embedded Systems master. I’ve been a member of the Mathematics & Computer Science department council for more than 3 years, of which 2 as chairman. I want to improve educational support and the facilities, since these are also very important aspects of your time as a student. I want to apply my experiences in co-determination to help the university improve the support and facilities for students.
You should vote for Andreas Chila

Hello everyone! I’m Andreas, I come from Greece and I’m in my final year of my bachelor Chemical Engineering. Throughout my years at TU/e (and The Netherlands) I have gained a lot of experience. I have participated in the Introduction week committee of my study association Japie, and last year I did an independent internship at a major multinational company. From all the courses that I’ve followed and all the people that I’ve met, either Dutch or international, I have gained a sense of inclusivity and community within me. The international community has a lot to offer to the Dutch one and vise versa! Apart from that, a high quality education and student well-being play a very crucial role in the personal development of each one of us! With all of that, I hope to help improve our university through the University Council with Groep-een!
You should vote for Huub van den Bogaard

Hi all! I an Huub and I am a master student in chemical engineering. For several years I have been on the program committee of ST. Here, I learned what a student can achieve at this university. Now I want to apply these experiences on a larger scale in the UR!
You should vote for Koen de Nooij

Hey there! I’m Koen and I’m doing a double bachelors in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science. Currently, I’m the Educational Officer of study association GEWIS, where I’m learning a lot about what’s going on within the university. I’m here to listen to your feedback and let your voice be heard when it comes to improving the quality of education. Especially in these times it’s important that our university pays attention to building a community for students and staff and gives a helping hand to students that experience difficulties. In the future I hope to apply my experience within the fraction of Groep-één and push for high quality of education.
You should vote for Thijs de Gijsel

Hi everyone! My name is Thijs and I am an Applied Physics student. At this moment, I am doing a board year at Van der Waals where I am the Commissioner of External Affairs. During your studies at the TU/e it is important that you can enjoy proper education, and that is one of the reasons that I have joined Groep-één. We strive for the best quality of education possible, by giving a lot of constructive feedback to the TU/e.
You should vote for Koen Hermans

Hi! My name is Koen and I am an Industrial Engineering student. I absolutely enjoy my time studying at the TU/e as it has so much to offer. It allowed me to do a board year at S.V. Industria, a place where I learn new people and new skills every day. Seeing how much this benefits me on a personal level motivated me to join Groep één. Here I can help the university to include every individual student in the facilities it has and ultimately help all students develop themselves to a level they desire!
You should vote for David Blom

Hi everyone, my name is David and I am an Electrical Engineering student. Currently I’m doing a board year at e.t.s.v. Thor, the study association of Electrical Engineering. Next to this, I dance at Footloose and I like to play music, which I like to do in Luna when I have some time to spare. As you might already suspect, I like to develop myself personally. I find it very valuable and important that this is also supported university wide and appreciate all the chances the university gives students to do so. Through Group-één, I would like to emphasize the importance of personal development, so everyone gets the chance to develop themselves next to their studies.
You should vote for Kim Smulders

Hi all! My name is Kim Smulders and I am 20 years old. I was born in the beautiful city called Eindhoven but I have lived most of my life in Helmond. In my spare time I like to cook things, play board games, read a good book or watch some Netflix. I have been an active member of my Study Association Simon Stevin since I started studying in Eindhoven. Right now I am the Commissioner of education and Vice Chairman. Also, I am a member of the sorority ‘Damesdispuut Venilia’. All in all, I like to do a bit more than just studying!
You should vote for Max Bossink

Hello everyone! I am Max Bossink and a 4th year Bachelor student of Biomedical Engineering. I have been active at Protagoras in the past years and currently I’m part of the board as commissioner of education. Besides, I was part of the TU/e sensing team (T.E.S.T.) in my second year. For me it is important that students are heard when decisions are made at our university. I already represent students in my role of commissioner of education in various organs of the TU/e and I think Groep-één contributes to this too..
You should vote for Daan Vijselaar

Hello there, my name is Daan and I'm a 5th year Data Science student. I have been active with D.S.A. Pattern since the beginning of the association and I’m currently a board member at Hubble Community Café. At Hubble I work with a lot of different associations and students and I see how important it is to have a great community on the university. Every student benefits when people work together and Groep-ÉÉN cares about the community on the university and helps bringing students together.
You should vote for Arne Steemers

Hi there! I am Arne, and I am one of those students that has lots of trouble choosing between all the fun and interesting activities that are around. Therefore I am studying both Industrial Design and Architecture & Urbanism. Apart from that, I have been troubling Team Energy with my ideas and enthusiasm, and am currently doing that for Sustainability Network Eindhoven (SNE, you should check us out, we are doing cool stuff :). On behalf of the SNE, I am trying to push for sustainability education for students by students at the TU/e. I have been working with members from Groep Eén, and there I have been impressed by the willingness to make a change. If you feel that ‘change’ is your cup of tea, than cast your vote for Groep Eén, or even better, get in touch with me!
You should vote for Roxane Wijnen

Hi everyone, my name is Roxane Wijnen and I am 21 years old. Currently I am in my fourth year Psychology & Technology bachelor, and I am doing a board year at the FSE (Federation of Study Associations Eindhoven). In my spare time I like hanging out with friends and am I an active member of Thêta. During my time studying, I have met so many people and my board year allowed me to meet even more. I love the fact that you can know so many people at the TU/e simply because it is relatively small and focuses on the community feeling. That is why I like Groep-één, because they also value community within the TU/e.
You should vote for Mandy Shao

Hello, my name is Mandy Shao and I am a fourth-year bachelor student in Biomedical Engineering. I am currently the Commissioner of External Affairs of the student dance association Footloose. I was also part of the student team iGEM 2019 where I learned a lot about personal development in Academics. For me, next to the quality of education, the opportunity of experiencing the best student time you can have is what I found the most important. The reason I joined Groep-één is because of inclusivity. We listen to all students who have different ideas and opinions and attempt to include all of it. This creates a place and community for each individual with their own interests. With Groep-één, I hope to provide the best university experience for students.
You should vote for Christiaan Goossens

Hi! I’m Christiaan Goossens, a fourth year bachelor student in Computer Science, board member of E.S.H. Da Vinci (archery) and the previous chairman of the ESSF. Throughout my board year at ESSF, I have been involved in many discussions at the university level, such as with diversity, personal development, board grants and inclusivity. With Groep-één, I want to continue to work towards improvement for all that want to be themselves at the TU/e, for both identity and personal development.
You should vote for Annebelle Olminkhof

Hey! I’m Annebelle, I study Psychology & Technology, and I am a former board member of COSMOS. As an international student, one thing that is very important to me at TU/e is inclusion. This is something that Groep-één takes great consideration into, with events and initiatives that bring the campus associations together to further improve inclusiveness on campus, next to the input the fraction gives on behalf of international students in University Council meetings. Because of this, I find Groep-één to be an important body on campus which is why I have been an active member in the core group and have encouraged others to stay up to date with decisions the fraction makes in UC meetings.
You should vote for Marianna Angelini

Hey hey! I’m Marianna, an over-enthusiastic and social Italian student in the third year of Built Environment (Architecture). But I’m far from finishing my Bachelor as I got caught up in one of the amazing experiences that TU/e offers, a student team. I am the communication manager of VIRTUe (you know it, we build a sustainable house) and every day I believe more and more that we - students - can mark a change in our own environment and spread it further. Through VIRTUe and personally I got in touch with the super-yellow Groep-één. Their enthusiastic determination and strive for change got me on board. If you, like me, want to see big changes in the TU/e system starting from small actions, give your support to Groep-één on December 1st & 2nd!
You should vote for Niek Lange

Hi everyone! During my time on the TU\e I've tried to explore as much as I can. Not only have I been very engaged with the topic of my study sustainable innovation, I have also tried to develop myself outside of my field. The current corona crisis has been difficult for us all, and the shift to an online environment was not easy for students and teachers, via the university council we can help improve student well-being. Furthermore do I think that the university should be a safe space for self expression and to practice new things
You should vote for Tom Suelmann

Hello everyone! My name is Tom and I am a fourth year student Applied Physics & Applied Mathematics. This summer I graduated from the Honors Academy and I am the former Chairman & Commissioner of External Affairs of H.S.A. Confluente. Through that role I discovered the need for the university to ensure students’ well being and personal development. I firmly believe that Groep-één will be able to realise these values in the university council.
You should vote for Kevin Grinwis

Yo neefjes! I am Kevin, a second years master student Mechanical Engineering. Currently I spend most of my time as the Secretary and Event Coordinator of the Board of Wervingsdagen. Besides that, I am student mentor of a bunch of first year students of Mechanical Engineering. This way I experience the need for high quality education, which goes further than just lectures, and student wellbeing (especially during corona times) to a large extent. With Groep-één we strive to make this better and better for all of you!
You should vote for Victoria Bogachenkova

Hi! My name is Victoria and I am a second year Computer Science Bachelor student. I joined Groep-één only this year and currently I am part of the Campaign committee. As a committee we work on introducing new students to Groep-één, getting as many people involved in the upcoming election and of course distributing some nice ducky goodies!
You should vote for Jesper van Duijnhoven

Hey everyone! My name is Jesper, I’m a fourth year student of the built environment, where I’m following the track urban systems and real estate. Last year I did a board year at my study association CHEOPS, where I’m still very active in various committees. This year I joined the campaign committee of Groep-één. My goal for this year is showing all students on the Tu/e what Groep-één has achieved and wants to achieve the coming year!
You should vote for Arend Verbeek

Greetings stranger, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Arend Verbeek. I’m a bachelor Applied Mathematics student and currently the secretary of the classical musical association ESMG Quadrivium, but some of you might also know me from the training committee of GEWIS. I really enjoy expanding my soft skills and these extra curricular activities allow me to do so. My love of personal development is also what led me to joining Groep-één. Another topic on the agenda of Groep-één that is really important to me is sustainability. I believe that even with some small changes around campus we can save energy and reduce waste.
You should vote for Thomas Lippens

Hi! My name is Thomas and I’m an Electrical Engineering Masters student. I’m currently in the fraction of Groep-één, where I focus mostly on education, quality agreements, digital infrastructure and the student financial support regulations (profileringsfonds). In my opinion, what sets Groep-één apart is our critical look and constructive approach.
You should vote for Sander van Gansewinkel

Hello there! I’m Sander and I’m a Data Science student. Currently I’m fulfilling the function of External Affairs & Digital Affairs at Stichting Wervingsdagen. The student life is a very important phase for a lot of people. It is crucial that someone feels confident and happy during this phase, and the university can help with that. Student wellbeing is a really important factor to keep an eye on, especially during Corona times.
You should vote for Sil Duckers

Hi, I am Sil! I am the current chairman of the board of E.S.T. Fellenoord and I study industrial Design. As a proud member of Fellenoord I noticed how important it is for everybody to keep connected. Especially during this shitty year. Therefore I care most about community. The university is currently trying to be very very safe, but that unfortunately leads to overcompensation in some situations. Together with the uni we can, safely, achieve more in these difficult times. Therefore our opinion needs to be heard.
You should vote for Naomie Amsing

Hi there, my name is Naomie and I study Biomedical Engineering (Master). I was in the fraction from September 2019 until January 2020. This year, I’m also part of the campaign committee. Groep-één is important to me because they stand up for the student perspective. Whenever something cán be improved, Groep-één fights for that to bé improved. I care most about Student Wellbeing and Diversity in the broad sense. If you agree most with the values quality and inclusivity of Groep-één, I can be a good candidate for your vote. Talk to you soon!

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