Our Vision

In 2022, the Groep-één association drafted up a multi-annual vision on the goals and ideals for the 2020-2030 decade. The pillars of the Groep-één vision are:

  • 📚 Quality of Education
  • 💛 Wellbeing & Community
  • 🌍 Inclusivity, Diversity & Social Safety
  • 🎓 Personal & Professional Development
  • 🌱 Sustainability
  • 🏠 Facilities & Housing

For the year 2024 Groep-één has set specific goals for what we want to work on, push for and pay attention to, that align with the multi-annual vision. These goals can be found below.

📚 Quality of Education:

  • Monitoring a smooth transition to the new Bachelor College
  • Push the university to start designing future-proof education with AI
  • Push for an educational implementation of Challenge Based Learning (CBL) in the Bachelor College curriculum
  • Contribute to a more simplified and readable Program and Exam Regulations (PER/OER)
  • Evaluate the Bachelor Final Project (BEP) process
  • Enable students to shape their own education through their elective space
  • Be actively involved in the shaping of learning analytics by taking part in the working group
  • Push for a better accommodation of extracurricular activities in the new graduate school to motivate student success alongside study success

💛 Wellbeing & Community:

  • Push for student involvement in student-life vision
  • Choose your own mentor in the first year
  • Ensuring sufficient advice and accommodation for student organizations in a growing and changing community, by making it a university-wide priority
  • Monitoring a fair implementation of the alcohol covenant

🌍 Inclusivity, diversity & social safety:

  • Work for a more socially safe Introduction week
  • Involving international students in an active student life

🎓 Personal & Professional development:

  • Pushing for better documentation/transparency on past and future evaluations of the student financial support regulations and which input is given by students
  • Standardized financial compensation for full-time student team members
  • Ensuring more coaching and guidance for student teams regarding well-being
  • Integrating career orientation opportunities within the bachelor curriculum
  • By having the university help sufficiently in terms of advice and recruitment to promote the value of an active student life

🌱 Sustainability:

  • By ensuring student input in the sustainability vision

🏠 Facilities & housing:

  • Revising the food options for cheap food on campus
  • Taking part in new vision of the Facilities Management Center (FMC)
  • Ensure sufficient and proper housing for all student teams
  • Introducing RSI equipment for all students
  • Represent student involvement in evaluation of building times
  • Look with facilities how the waste separation can be implemented better

If you want to know what we have done over the past years to pursue these ideals, check out our achievements!

The party manifesto covers each (and more) of the above points in detail. Click below to download it as pdf.

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