While the world seems to have stopped for a few months and the pandemic is having a long-term impact on our lives, VIRTUe is still going strong, working towards the Solar Decathlon Europe competition in 2021!

But what is VIRTUe doing for this competition? What does being part of our team mean?

We design, build and operate an energy-efficient, solar-powered, innovative house based on an existing situation of a neighbourhood in the city of Wuppertal, Germany.

Building a house means much more than just designing. It is a hands-on experience in close collaboration with companies and suppliers. You get to put theory in practice and bring your skills to the next level! You will design, assemble and optimise smart systems, PV panels, heating systems and plumbing.

What do we stand for?  Our mission is to tackle energy transition in cities and more specifically we aim to:

  • Activate people to embrace an environmentally friendly lifestyle
  • Encourage social interaction in cities
  • Make the built environment more dynamic

Curious to know how we are solving these challenges? Eager to have a larger impact? You can be part of the change!

Check out our vacancies on and send your CV and motivation letter to . Feel free to ask us any questions via email if you are unsure about your application!

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