Why do we need your support?

Groep-één tries to do a lot of amazing stuff to make the lives of all students at the TU/e better. We do however need your support! As we want to stay an open association where everyone can give their input, we do not ask a membership fee. We do however have certain costs that we need to cover. To help us completing our mission, we hope you can financially support us.

How can I get more involved?

Everyone is always welcome to provide feedback to the fraction and association. This of course does not depend on your supporter membership. If you want to also receive the newsletter and invitations to our general members meetings, please also subscribe as a member of the association via this link.

What are my options?


The supporter contribution will be billed annually, but rest assured, stopping your supporter membership is as easy as not paying your invoice after a reminder, then we will not come back to you again. The full terms and conditions can be found here.

Thank-you gift

To thank you for supporting us, we also like to give something back to you. Therefore, we will create some nice supporter exclusive merchandise every year, which you will receive. You can also choose to not receive this gift, if you do not want it.

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One-time Donation

You can donate an amount that works for you through this betaalverzoek. We are very grateful for your support!

Amount: 24€/year
Only necessary if you would like to receive the Groep-één gift

Reminder to find the terms and conditions here.

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