Creating our culture

Internationalization has many positive effects on our education as we can attract the best professors and educate the best students from around the world. To combine internationalization with keeping our culture, Groep-één is working with the TU/e in setting up an integral language policy, partly focused on the overall proficiency of English of teachers.


Studying should be your first priority, but should not act as a limitation if you wish to work on your personal development. Shaped by you. Your development can take many shapes: from joining a student association to becoming an entrepreneur. Groep-één stands for that and guards the ability for you. By assuring flexibility within your studies and paying attention to career development.

Student well-being

A student should be able to develop oneself in any way that student wants without reservations or restrictions. Having said this, we realize these expectations are slowly taking their toll on a lot of students, which is why we believe adequate support must be available to help students enjoy their time as a student again and flourish in their academic work. First we will convince our Executive Board of the gravity of this situation and we will join the national efforts concerning this issue

University growth

For the past couple of years the TU/e has been growing radically and many emergency measures are being implemented in order to stem the growth. Groep-één keeps a close eye on these emergency measures to ensure the students are not disadvantaged. We have already sent letters to the governement and have started gathering student input surrounding the plans to change the daily schedule.

Digital privacy of students must be protected

The digital infrastructure has been changing. More and more data of students is collected and the question arises: “What happens to all that data?”. In order to make sure that the privacy of students is handled with care, Groep-één sets two main requirements: The TU/e should hire more cybersecurity experts, and the TU/e should involve the University Council when making the decision which digital systems will be implemented at the TU/e.

Student involvement

The input the students provide us with is invaluable in our work as members of the University Council. The involvement of the students in the decision making processes of the TU/e is therefore of paramount importance. We have asked your inut before for the Metaforum space shortage and we will again for the proposed changes to the daily schedule.