The technical industry is growing and so is the popularity of the TU/e. This means a huge increase in the number of students in most of the Bachelor programs. The expected amount of 10.000 students for 2020 has been reached in 2016. So the new expected amount is 13.000 students in 2020. This results in questions about the workload for academic and supportive personnel, housing and the quality of education. Groep-één focuses on two points:

Preventing growth pains

The consequences of the growth cannot be solved by only creating livestream lectures and moving lectures to the evening. Professors and Program Directors have to keep a critical look at the subjects within the curricula and change the structure of education if necessary.

Metaforum is and will be for the TU/e students

Our library is built for our students. Groep-één guards with the increase in external students, like students from Fontys, that the study facilities will always provide enough space for the TU/e student. If it appears that too many externals use our facilities, measurements should and dared to be taken.

International University

The curricula of the programs are almost all changing to English. Frank Baaijens says that education in English will contribute to the development of our students, because in this way they learn to work in an international community. By having an English main language on an academic level we can become a university with a better international status.

Every student should feel at home

Going off to college is considered a big step by many youngsters; you meet new people, huge expectations are demanded by various courses and you often move out of your hometown. It is the opinion of Groep-één that the Dutch students shouldn’t become disregarded when striving towards an international community. Although more interaction between domestic and foreign students should of course be encouraged, we will guard the fact that this is handled with care, in consultation with the associations and the current student population.

Quality of education

With the introduction of the Graduate School last year, monitoring the quality of education has become more important than ever. Groep-één will continue to provide valuable input in these developments regarding the Bachelor College, the Graduate School and overall quality.

Revise the learning lines for USE

Everbody agrees; the USE lines do not yet offer what we want them to offer. The rector Frank Baaijens already announced that a larger engineering component is needed and that the relevance of USE needs to show in faculty courses. Groep-één will keep an eye on the technical level of the graduates and prevent that this level decreases due to superficial basic courses.

Extra-curricular development

Educators have figured it out for some time; you should do more about personal development than just receive good grades for your courses. Commit to an association, join a student team, start an enterprise, it all belongs to educational activities which are facilitated at our university. As Groep-één we want to make sure that this personal development can be done next to your study.

Emphasize extra development with own responsibility

Graduate School and Bachelor College explore ways to give more attention to the, by industry desired, soft skill development. Groep-één encourages this and joins the discussion of where in the students career this personal development should take place. The responsibilities are not only for the educational organisation, but also for the associations and student teams of Eindhoven. Allowing personal development also means supporting the student organisations with a fair profiling fund/board grants and have a flexible schedule for activities.

Improve the quality of English education

Groep-één is in favor of English education, though supporting staff and lecturers need to master the language.. Therefore all staff involved in the curriculum need to be sufficiently qualified and follow an additional training if this is needed.