Study places

Our efforts have ensured that MetaForum is only accessible to TU/e students during exam weeks. This also lead to a revamp of the Auditorium and with every new building on the TU/e they will count the number of study- and work places.

Solving room capacity problems

Groep-één has set up a TU/e wide survey and will organize an open discussion regarding the proposed solutions for the capacity problems of the rooms, for instance by changing the schedule or use other solutions such as live streams.


If you were obligated to buy a clicker, you could turn it back in return for a small reimbursement. We helped the university with collecting the clickers and promoting the return action.

Letters to the government

Not often are letters sent to the Dutch government, especially from students. But we have done this twice in one year now, both to tell the government we need more money to carry the growing number of students.

Language policy

Started creating a language policy for the entire TU/e, in particular focused on the proficiency of English of teachers.

Proof of enrolment security

We have provided the proof of enrolment with security.


In the midst of the implementations of a lot of new digital systems, we have put privacy into the spotlight.
Nationale studenten enquête (NSE) survey
Groep-één sent an open letter to the Executive board regarding the not-so-anonymous NSE survey entries, as a key file containing the names of everyone who filled out the survey. If the TU/e wants to use the key file, they must first ask the students for their permission.

Tuition free

The wish to use the option for tuition free board years has been brought to the attention of the executive board.