What is the fraction Groep-één?

The University Council is the representative advisory board of the University, towards the Board of Executives. The council consists of 9 seats for students and 9 for staff. For more than 19 years now, Groep-één is a fraction of student-representatives in the University Council and an important link between the Executive Board and the students.


What does the fraction do?

Policies and plans that are developed by the TU/e can have enormous consequences for both current and prospective students. Therefore it is of great importance that these developments are looked at from a student’s point of view, and to monitor the policy carried out by the Executive Board.

Because of this, Groep-één holds regular meetings on university matters with parties such as policymakers, other students and our national branch: ISO. In the meetings with the Board of Executives, the University Council has the right to approve and/or reject certain decisions, or fulfill an advisory role.


Approach & Vision

Groep-één envisions the preconditions of a good university to be guaranteeing quality education, offering possibilities for students to expand your education with extra-curricular activities and supporting TU/e-wide facilities. We believe that the TU/e can build upon the things Groep-één stands for.

To accomplish this, we have very good connections with other active students of this university. The active members and boards of different student- and study-associations provide an invaluable source of input for us, so we know what to focus on during the University Council meetings.