Our vision

Groep-één commits herself for the interests of all students. Next to this, we have three pillars where we focus on further. We believe that the TU/e can build upon the things Groep-één stands for. These three pillars are:

• Quality of Education
• Expanding your education with extra-curricular activities
• Supporting TU/e-wide facilities

To accomplish this, we have very good connections with other active students of this university. The active members and boards of different student- and study-associations provide an invaluable source of input for us, so we know what to focus on during the University Council meetings.

Quality of Education

Groep-één is …
In progres



Extra-curricular activities

Groep-één believes that enlarging your capabilities via extra-curricular activities is one of the most important things a university should support. Being part in a board or a committee of a study-, student-, culture-, or sports association or being active in a student-team helps to develop later in life essential soft-skills. Here you can think of skills like communication, listening, presenting, empathy, etcetera.
As a future engineer, these skills are very welcome along with your hard-skills (thermodynamics, marketing, etc) and will make you the person who you are.

In 2017, Groep-één achieved to raise the board grant from €290 to €415 per month, showing its view on the importance of developing yourself in this way. Now, we are aiming to generate funds for student-teams. We believe students should be compensated in some kind of way for the work they do to develop themselves in these ways, especially if you even have to pay tuition alongside to it

In the end, Groep-één does thinks that your education shouldn’t fall behind the extra-curricular activities you’re doing, as getting your degree is eventually the final goal.

Supporting TU/e wide facilities

Housing, psychologists, studyplaces, enough bikeparging places, magnetron in meta.

Under progress