Promotion materials

Promotion materials

Are you an association/student team/anyone that wants to support Groep-één in the university council elections? We gathered some promotional material for you that you can use for independent promotion on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc!

Whatsapp message

The following is an example of a message that you can send in WhatsApp group chats. Feel free to change it as you like!

Hey everyone! On 7 and 8 December, the elections for the University Council take place. In the past, Groep-één has worked hard to represent students from our association. Therefore, we believe that Groep-één is the best choice for these elections, if you want our association to be represented in the University Council!

Make sure to let your voice be heard at 💛

Election programme

You can download a pdf of our election programme, which contains our goals and achievements. You can also read it on our website.

List posters

In the following zip-file, you can find the posters of everyone on our list, including a topic that they care about.

Example list poster

Statement posters

We have some statement posters with achievements and goals for 2022:

Example statement poster

Vote 7 & 8 December – Border template

Do you want to give your profile picture a Groep-één flavour for extra attention? Use the following border template over your picture 💛

Campaign videos

Want to support a certain topic? In these videos, we explain our approach to the topics we care about!

Example campaign video

Groep-één logos

Groep-één logo blue
Groep-één logo white
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