Online Off-Campus Student Life

Due to the recent Corona crisis, our beautiful campus is on lockdown. No lectures, no access to buildings, no drinks, no trainings, no nothing. To provide our students with something to do, we collected all the activities that take place online and off-campus by our associations or otherwise. This will hopefully prevent us from going crazy and allow us to connect with each other!

Send your links or other info to so we can share them on this page.

What Who When Link
Cursor community page Cursor Cursor Website
Help other people! Gewoon Mensen Die Mensen Willen Helpen
Channels for many different games ESEV Zephyr Discord
Online chess community TU/e Chess Meetups Facebook group
Online Werewolves of Millers Hollow (Wakkerdam) Knights of the Kitchen Table Telegram chat
Open chats (fun and “Tabletop Simulator”) Knights of the Kitchen Table Telegram and Discord
Coffee Talks InMotion Anytime, Anywhere Google Form