*Newsletter #6, February 2017*


The first University Council of this year took place and our new fraction made sure that Groep-één was heard as always. You can read more about it in RE//FRACTION.

Like every association a board is also necessary to keep the Groep-één association running. Are you interested in something different than an interesting committee within your study or student association? Looking for a great part-time activity next your study? Want to know more about what a board member of Groep-één does? Contact the board at board@groep-een.com

In this segment of the newsletter the fraction will keep members updated on recent development, stances and other interesting news in sight of fraction work. 

During the last University Council we discussed several documents including the analysis of academic process during the Bachelor College Cohorts 2008-2015, which shows an upward trend in the study process, partly through the introduction of the Binding Study Advice (BSA). We are glad to see that the increase of the BSA limit from 40 EC to 45 EC did not have a significant impact on the percentage of failures. 

Within the TU/e, a Research Support Network is established which will assist faculties, especially academic staff, in the development of research proposals in order to find good alignment with the (research funding) market.

The Institutional Plan 2017-2020 mainly describes the Strategic Plan of the TU/e. The Board of Executives prefers to act with an eye on the student growth, excellent education, international impact, partnerships, people and finances.

Studentlife! describes the vision about the support of student organizations affiliated with the TU/e, which includes no big changes yet.

Furthermore, the updated guidelines regarding bi-certification for both Bachelor College and Graduate School were discussed, as well as the topic list of the so called ‘’Model OER’, which is of great importance for all students. The topics of the defined topic list will carefully be discussed in relevant gremia, to monitor possible changes accurately.

For questions you can reach us via Facebook or www.groep-een.com

Studium Generale organises several activities which might be interesting for you. Please find below two of the upcoming activities. If you think that this is something for you, do not forget to sign up. These activities are in Dutch. Please contact Studium Generale about information for English activities.
In aanloop naar de Tweede Kamerverkiezing organiseert SG samen met studenten ‘Het Verkiezingsdebat’. In een Lagerhuis-setting gaan politici van verschillende partijen onder leiding van moderator Gijs Weenink (directeur DebatAcademie) aan de hand van stellingen met elkaar en met jou in debat. Wie en wat weet jou deze avond te overtuigen? Maandagavond 6 maart | 20:00 – 21:30 uur | Blauwe Zaal, Auditorium | reserveren en meer info: www.tue.nl/sg.
Workshop debatteren voor beginners
Op de maandagavonden 13 en 20 maart organiseert Studium Generale de workshop Debatteren voor beginners. Meld je aan via de website van SG als je mee wilt doen!

During the campaign shirts and sweaters were ordered for the promotion for Groep-één. You are still able to buy the clothing since there are leftovers. Please contact the board if you’re interested for more details.

  • March 7: OntbEit
  • March 14 & 15: Wervingsdagen Career Expo
  • March 20: University Council Meeting

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