Newsletter #5, January 2017


After the christmas holidays the bells sounded for our January fraction! Furthermore we already have the first semester behind us, which means we’re already halfway through the year! With a sound 5 out of 9 seats in the UR the fraction will continue with all the good work!

Like every association a board is also necessary to keep the Groep-één association running. Are you interested in something different than an interesting committee within your study or student associaton? Want to know more about what a board member of Groep-één does? Contact the board at

In this segment of the newsletter the fraction will keep members updated on recent development, stances and other interesting news in sight of fraction work. 


On December 6 and 7 last year the elections for the University Council took place. Unfortunately, we lost one seat with respect to the year before (we now have five seats, as opposed to the six seats last year), but not all is lost, as we’re still the majority party. The voter turnout however has gone up and we’re quite proud that 40% of the TU/e students voted in the elections; one of the highest percentages in the Netherlands.

Plans for 2017
Camiel, Gert-Jan, Reijn, Judith and Neeltje will take place in the council for the first half of 2017. We’ve got a lot of plans to improve the university and win back our sixth seat. We’re still working on most, but here’s a little sneak preview:


Advisory group:
We try to represent all associations related to the TU/e, but we’re just 5 people. Groep-één has a diverse group of supporters and we think that we’re not making the most of that. We intend to start an advisory group, consisting of supporters of all associations and studies, which we can ask opinions on all kinds of affairs we’re working on. Interested? Stay tuned, we hope to let you know more soon!

Community day:

The TU/e is internationalizing and the associations can’t stay behind. How do you deal with and integrate internationals in your association? Will internationals become part of the board? These are but two of the many questions for which no definitive answer has been found yet. We want to organise a community day (with discussions similar to the mystery tour) in cooperation with the international office.


The University Council makes a lot of decisions which impact the quality of education directly and indirectly. Many of the papers and affairs are quite abstract, having the consequence that few students realize the impact we have. We want to make students more aware of what we’re working on: a couple of short messages on Facebook and a stand every now and then goes a long way.


Have you got any brilliant ideas and can’t wait to share them with us? Shoot us a mail at

Pilot Metaforum 

During the exams of quarter 1, we launched a survey concerning the number of available study spots and noise in the university library. Many of the 300 respondents complained about Non-TU/e visitors (Fontys, Summa College, High school). We analyzed the results in cooperation with DH (Dienst Huisvesting; housing department of the TU/e) and wrote a position paper, which you can find here. As Groep-één we believe that TU/e students have preference – Metaforum is a university facility after all.


To address the complaints, we’ve initiated a pilot during the exam weeks of quarter 2. During the pilot, you’re only allowed access to Metaforum floors 0 and -1 (the library) upon showing your campus card. We’ll analyse the results afterwards and we’ll try to find a permanent solution. After the exam period, the pilot will be evaluated among TU/e students by a poll. Your input does contribute to improving the study facilities at the TU/e.

During the campaign shirts and sweaters were ordered for the promotion for Groep-één. You are still able to buy the clothing since there are leftovers. Please contact the board if you’re interested for more details.

Feb 13                 University Council Meeting
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