Newsletter #4, October 2016


Upcoming Events

After Summer Recess both the fraction and the board are looking forward to another great year. Elections are just around the corner and the academic year 2016-2017 is looking to be another great year for Groep-één!

Past Events

On the 19th of september the first University Council meeting of this year took place. A very interesting meeting in which the september fraction had a great kickoff for the next months!

On the 26th of October the latest Groep-één Drink was held in the SkyBar Underground! (CHEOPS bar) with present members of board and fraction and students from the faculty. Interesting discussions whilst enjoying a cold beer at CHEOPS.

On the 3rd of October the first ‘open’ activity of Groep-één took place; the Board and Committee day. Interesting lectures closed off with a BBQ and drink. Various board and commtitee members from within the whole spectrum of TU/e students were present. A true succes!

Upcoming Events

November the 14th the next Groep-één drink will take place! This time it will be hosted at Intermate (Psychology & Technology and Sustainable Innovation). Interested? Come take a look and join the fraction and board from 4pm onward!

The 28th of November is the upcoming University Council meeting. With eye on the recent events surrounding national politics and the 4TU it is promised to be an interesting meeting. Keep eye on the newsletter to see what news comes from the this meeting!

Many of you might have seen the Cursor articles or heard about this day via friends or fellow students. We are proud to say that the very first (hopefully annual) board- and committee day was a great succes! With very interesting lectures by Bor & Glenn and a representative from ORMIT the day had the great start! Closing the day with a BBQ and drink brought the participants together. We are looking forward to the next edition!

In this segment of the newsletter the fraction will keep members updated on recent development, stances and other interesting news in sight of fractionwork. 

About the International University

A few times a year, the University Council meet in an informal setting and discuss big, current topics with support of staff members. This time, we had a great session concerning Internationalization.
Bachelor programs turning English, international experience and our campus culture; all of these topics cause a lot of discussion among students and staff. The Council tries to map all views and form a position as a starting point for discussion with the executive board.
We’re glad that a lot of policy advisors of TU/e were glad to help us out; we invited speakers specialized in topics of valorization in international context, the freshly installed TU/e community manager and several others.
The Council concluded that the transition our university is making is a good one, but a number of conditions are to be considered. Achieving a Master’s degree in an international environment is very beneficial for your personal development, but it should not be at the expense of education quality. Staff, both academic and supportive, should be respectively required or advised to assess their lingual skills and when needed, be completing a course in English. We consider this the only way to guarantee a minimal drop in education quality. Furthermore, all study material should be in the language used throughout the course. Supportive staff, i.e. the student services and ICT front offices, lab assistants et cetera should be able to communicate properly with our international community.
Next newsletter, we’ll discuss the next topic in the internationalization discussion; community concerns.


The choice has been made in the previous GMM on which designs will be made available to order considering the ‘casual’ Groep-één shirts. All members should have received an email considering the possibility to order these shirts. If not please contact the board.

The Groep-één ties are coming up. All members should have received an email about the opportunity to order one, if not please contact the board, then we will make sure you will receive this specific opportunity as well!

14 Nov.                Groep-één Drink @Intermate
28 Nov.                University Council
16 Dec.                Lustrumgala

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