Newsletter #3, Pre-academic year


Upcoming Events

After Summer Recess both the fraction and the board are looking forward to another great year. Elections are just around the corner and the academic year 2016-2017 is looking to be another great year for Groep-één!

Past Events

July 5th the annual OntbEIt took place. The brunch session was, as always, a great succes! many interesting discussions were held between the members of the Executive Board (CvB) and various pro-active students at the TU/e!

The change in fraction has taken place! From september up to january Groep-één will be represented in the University Council by:
Bart Verhaegh, Wout de Ruiter, Camiel Steffanie, Judith Muijsers, Gert-Jan Both and Reijn van den Burg

Upcoming Events

The 5th of September the annual Opening of the Academic Year (OAY) will take place! The opening ceremony will take place at Auditorium and will start at 16:00u. The Partysquad and Hot Town will lighten up the party starting at 17:00u at The Forum.


For the upcoming year the board is looking for enthusiastic students to take up various committees to help promote Groep-één and form an enrichment for student-life at the TU/e. Are you interested in one of the following committees or do you know students that might be? Contact us via mail at
Champaign Committee – Currently there is a very enthousiastic group ready to take on the task of campaigning, however, the more the merrier! Still interested in hopping on to the campaigning trail? Contact the board!

We are proud to present our idea for an open activity organized by Groep-één. We have pictured this as a day full of workshops and trainings focussed on personal growth in the field of board- and committeework as a student. Currently we are planning to host this activity in October. First contacts have been made considering a possible co-organization. Furthermore have we set out a few topics on which interesting workshops could be given for the committee and boardmembers of the student and study associations!

In this segment of the newsletter the fraction will keep members updated on recent development, stances and other interesting news in sight of fractionwork. 

New Fraction

Per September Maaike Blok, Tim Ramirez, Danyel Haider and Sjoerd Opdam will step down as Fraction member. Their places will be taken over by Camiel Steffanie, Judith Muijsers, Gert-Jan Both and Reijn van den Burg. Together with staying members Wout de Ruiter and Bart Verhaegh they’ll represent Groep-één in the University Council until January 2017. We wish them lots of luck with their tasks for the UC!

Fontys new owner TNO building

With Fontys as new owner of the TNO building, a lot more HBO-students will take usage of the TU/e Science Park. The College van Bestuur, CvB, has let us know that proper arrangements will be made as to which services Fontys has to supply to their students to make sure that the TU/e facilities will not be under pressure. Groep-één however expects that the Metaforum will become even busier and that the capacity of this building is insufficient. Mr. van Ham, vice-president of the TU/e has let us know that they are thinking of measurements to keep the library and its capacity under control. It stays, primarily for TU/e students. Can’t find a spot or are you experiencing inconvenience? Contact Groep-één!


The choice has been made in the previous GMM on which designs will be made available to order considering the ‘casual’ Groep-één shirts. All members should have received an email considering the possibility to order these shirts. If not please contact the board.

The Groep-één ties are coming up. All members should have received an email about the opportunity to order one, if not please contact the board, then we will make sure you will receive this specific opportunity as well!

05 Sept                Opening Academic Year
19 Sept                University Council
26 Sept                Groep-één Drink @ SkyBar! Underground (CHEOPS)
03 Oct                  Selected date for Board & Committee Day


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