Newsletter #2, May/June 2016


Upcoming Events

A little later than expected but below you’ll find the newsletter that covers the past events throughout the month May and looks forward to the month June.

Past Events

Tuesday the 24th of May the second edition of the Groep-één drink this year was held. This edition took place at Lucid’s bar in LaPlace. With a great turnout it was a good and informative drink to look back on. Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming drinks!

On both the 23rd of May and the 13th of June University Council meetings have taken place. Interestig outcomes were seen at both instances. Scroll down to read the update from the fraction!

June 15th the next General Members Meeting of the Groep-één Association will take place. Starting at 19:30 the third GMM will take place at the Trafalgar Pub. All allowed to attend the GMM have, if correctly, been informed of this. If not please contact one of the board members.

July 1st the closing of the academic year will take place. The official programme will start at 4 pm at the auditorium. The festive programme will kickoff at 5.30 pm and will last until 11 pm; location: Groene Loper, Flux.

July 5th the annual OntbEIt will take place. During this brunch-session a selected group of pro-active students at the TU/e is given the chance to speak directly to, and discuss with (a delegation) of the Executive Board (CvB)


For the upcoming year the board is looking for enthusiastic students to take up various committees to help promote Groep-één and form an enrichment for student-life at the TU/e. Are you interested in one of the following committees or do you know students that might be? Contact us via mail at
Champaign Committee – Just like last year we are looking for students wanting to help us with campaigning. We are looking for passionate, creative people to make sure no student can not not notice us!

An informative lunch considering the ins and outs of the champaign committee will be held the 21st of june during the lunch-break.

We are proud to present our idea for an open activity organized by Groep-één. We have pictured this as a day full of workshops and trainings focussed on personal growth in the field of board- and committeework as a student. Currently we are planning to host this activity in October. First contacts have been made considering a possible co-organization. Furthermore have we set out a few topics on which interesting workshops could be given for the committee and boardmembers of the student and study associations!

In this segment of the newsletter the fraction will keep members updated on recent development, stances and other interesting news in sight of fractionwork. 


After all the efforts made by Groep-één , we now have an interpreter/translator for University council meetings. This sure will ease and enhance the experience of any future international(s) into the council! However, what we still need is a solid policy from UC for internationals, just like other universities like Tilburg, Twente, Utrecht. That will give an indication to internationals what to expect before they get into the Council.

Notebook Regulation

Last UR meeting we spoke about the new notebookregulation. In the proposed regulation the new masterstudents were excluded from the regulation and would have to buy the full price for a new laptop where new bachelorstudents still get subsidy and purchasing discount. The TU/e would give the restrictions about the hardware, for the software there would have been support for all laptops and the software would be available for all students. As UR we had the opinion that it was weird to not have any purchasing discount for the new masterstudents since it would also be beneficial for the TU/e to buy more laptops and this wouldn’t cost any extra for them since the subsidy isn’t included. The executive board made the promise to look whether this was administratively possible and would then give new masterstudents eventually purchasing discount.


A new allocation method, with different options, is proposed in the Spring Memorandum which will be dealt with in the upcoming UR meeting. Groep-één is currently having meetings with  involved parties to hear their opinion. We are taking into account all positive and negative points of this new method. When there is chosen an option out of the multiple that could be chosen, we will discuss this with the Financial Committee and advice the Executive Board.


Upcoming GMM the designs for the Groep-één ‘casual’ clothing shall be presented. When a choice is made you can all expect an email on whether or not you would like to buy one of these shirts. The selection of designs can be seen below:

15 June                General Members Meeting
30 June                Constitutional drink GEWIS!
1   July                 Closing Academic Year
5   July                 OntbEIt


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