Newsletter #1, April 2016


Finally here, the first newsletter of 2016 on behalf of the Association and Fraction! Below you will find the current ins and outs about the association, a Fraction update and a brief overview of upcoming events.

Wednesday the 20th of April our first ‘Drinks & Discussions’ of the year will be held. Besides our own members, various politcially active students from the ‘hosting’ faculty will be invited. This edition will be held at Protagoras’ bar; In Vivo. The drink starts at 16:30, see you there!


For the upcoming year the board is looking for enthusiastic students to take up various committees to help promote Groep-één and form an enrichment for student-life at the TU/e. Are you interested in one of the following committees or do you know students that might be? Contact us via mail at
Champaign Committee – Just like last year we are looking for students wanting to help us with campaigning. We are looking for passionate, creative people to make sure no student can not not notice us!
Activity Committee – The board is looking for individuals willing to help with organizing and further forming of the concept of a “Board- and Committee day”, further details can be found in this newsletter.

We are proud to present our idea for an open activity organized by Groep-één. We have pictured this as a day full of workshops and trainings focussed on personal growth in the field of board- and committeework as a student. Currently we are planning to host this activity in October. Any idea or other form of input is welcomed whole heartedly, since the idea is still in it’s infancy. Very interested in the concept? We are looking for help in organizing this activity!

In this segment of the newsletter the fraction will keep members updated on recent development, stances and other interesting news in sight of fractionwork. 

In recent light we have seen a bill announced in parliament considering the expansion of funding of students that take part in a (recognized) student-board. Since Groep-één values extracurricular growth of students the fraction jumped right on this.
Currently Bart is, in cooperation with the educational lawyer, looking for various possibilities to implement the possible changes regarding the profiling funds of the TU/e.
If you have any questions or feel like you have valuable input regarding this issue, do not hesitate to contact Bart. Bart is responsible within the fraction regarding policy on the profiling fund, he can be contacted via 

On April 15th a delegation of the fraction went to the Hague with ISO. A visit to the Ministery of OCW (Education, Culture and Science), the VSNU and the parliament was paid. Discussions with various policy-making employees of the parliament have been held on various topics. One of the topics was the way newfound money due to cancellation of the ‘basisbeurs’ should be spent and how quality of education can be maintained if the amount of students increases yet the budget stays equal. 

ISO has approached Groep-één to think along with the development of the ‘Techniekpact’. The goals of this pact is to decrease the discrepancy between education and employment in the technical sector. It contains various agreements between the triple-helix (education, corporations and government). United with fractions from Delft, Twente and Wageningen concerns were shown considering capacityproblems at the 4TU federation. Groep-één supports growth of universities but emphasizes that it should never form a threat to education-quality. The concerns were heard and have currently been taken into account in the newly formulated pact. 


Joost and Maaike are working their heads around suitable clothing for Groep-één Members as proposed in the previous GMM. An update considering this topic can be expected very soon. In the meantime, might you encouter pieces of clothing or clothingdesigns you think could be suitable do not hesitate to inform Joost or any of the other boardmembers!

18 April                University Council (OER)
20 April                Groep-één Drink (In Vivo)
21 April                Diesviering TU/e

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