General Members Meeting 

Just like any other association Groep-één organizes General Members Meetings (GMMs). GMMs are meetings during which the members of Groep-één have influence on the association regarding its policy, finances, and direction. Additionally, every year Groep-één organizes a GMM dedicated to the Election List of that year, the so-called Election List Advisory GMM. This GMM takes place every year in October.

Since Groep-één is a different kind of association compared to others, Groep-één GMMs have a different setup. Although we highly encourage you to become a member of Groep-één it is not required to be a member in order to attend a GMM. Groep-één stand for an open and inclusive community, which is why any TU/e student is free to join our GMMs. Furthermore, GMMs are not only dedicated to the vision and policy of the association but also to the vision and policy of the party as a whole. Therefore, the GMMs give you as a student a large influence on the most important matters related to Groep-één!

Interested in joining a GMM? This link will redirect you to a page with information about the next GMM of Groep-één! To sign up for the next GMM, please send an email to!

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