General Members Meeting 

Just like any other association Groep-één organizes General Members Meetings (GMMs). GMMs are meetings during which the members of Groep-één have influence on the association regarding its policy, finances, and direction.

Although we highly encourage you to become a member of Groep-één it is not required to be a member in order to attend a GMM. Groep-één stand for an open and inclusive community, which is why any TU/e student is free to join our GMMs. Furthermore, GMMs are not only dedicated to the vision and policy of the association but to party as a whole. Therefore, the GMMs give you as a student a large influence on the most important matters related to Groep-één!

Interested in joining a GMM? This link will redirect you to a page with information about the next GMM of Groep-één! To sign up for the next GMM, please send an email to!

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