Fraction Candidates 2022

Our fraction candidates for 2022

1. Koen de Nooij

Hey, my name is Koen! I’m 22 years old and currently studying the master industrial and applied mathematics. Last year, I did a board year at my study association @svgewis, where I was the Educational Officer. Throughout that year, I’ve been in contact with a lot of students, represented them, and worked together with the university to improve the quality of education 🎓 But also within my community, I’ve organized a lot of activities to improve connectedness and wellbeing in times of Corona 💛

In September, I joined Groep-één and chaired the fraction. During that time, I got the chance to apply the experience from my board year at a university level. Always seeing aspects of our university that can improve, I loved to work constructively and bring positive change! 📈 I’ve been involved in the revision of all bachelor programs and will continue to be, but will also make sure that the master programs will be revised in a good way. Ensuring that students are heard in such processes is always a first and critical step 💪

With Corona still influencing large parts of our lives, it remains very important to pay attention to well-being and to be creative when it comes to solving problems. Keeping the university open for TU/e communities, guaranteeing study places, and fighting for on-campus education are a few of my goals. 🙌

I hope to continue my work in the university council next year with a new fraction! All of our candidates have unique passions but share the same ambitions for our university. I’m confident that we can achieve a lot next year together!💛💛🐥

2. Daniek Dobber

Hi, my name is Daniek! I’m 20 years old and I’m currently in my third year of my bachelor of computer science. 💛

When I’m not studying I like playing sports (futsal⚽), making music and having an occasional drink with friends. In my first year I became an active member at the futsal association, where I have contributed to various committees. Furthermore, I’m also passionate about sustainability, and I try to contribute wherever I can to better the environment.🌍

Last year I was the secretary of the board of @e.s.z.v.v.totelos. Doing a board year during the pandemic, I learned a lot. While talking to my fellow students I realized the importance of a supporting community. 😁

I hope to bring these experiences to the university council and really contribute to make the TU/e a more welcoming and more sustainable place for every TU/e student.💛💛🐥

3. Roel Hazelhof

Hi all, my name is Roel and I am happy to be on the list for Groep-één for the upcoming university council elections!💛

I am in my fourth year of my Bachelor Mechanical Engineering. Since the start of my studies, I have lived in Eindhoven and actively participated in the student life here.

Through a strive to always keep busy I have been very active with enjoying things outside of my study: last year I completed a board year for the study association of ME, @wsvsimonstevin, as ommissioner of external affairs.

During this year, I became aware of the inner workings of the TU and of the concerns and interests that students carry with them regarding our university. At the same time, I learned to become creative with reaching my goals because of corona. Aside from this, I also like to maintain my debating and discussion skills with my fraternity @rhetoricadispuuttau.

In line with my activities outside of my studies, I care a lot about the facilities that our university offers to us students. These include things such as a strong student culture on-campus for all students, enough time and room to study on campus, and the availability of extra tools such as hardware and software to accommodate you in your development during your studies. These are things that I am to fight for from within the university council! 🐥💛

4. Bob van Ginkel

Hello Everybody! I am Bob van Ginkel and I am currently in my double masters of Innovation Management and Innovation Sciences. 💛💛

Since the start of my time as a student, I have been busy improving education and making sure our university becomes an even better place. I am involved in several committees of both @svIndustria & @svIntermate and recently became active at @BNReindhoven.📈 

Besides that, I am part of the PR-Team of @TechUnitedeindhoven (the world champion soccer and service robot team).⚽️🤖🏆 Next to that, I have the honour to participate in various working groups, the Program Committee IE and JPC-Master for IE&IS (Joint Program Committee).😄

I highly value extra-curricular and personal development. Personally developing yourself within and besides your studies (if you like) is one of the most important aspects of studying, if you ask me. I hope to contribute making our university an even more amazing place and to ensure all students are able to make the most of their student time. 💛🐣💛

5. Isidoros Kotinis

Hey there! I am Isidoros, I come from Greece where I lived for 18 years. After highschool I decided to challenge myself and study abroad like many other students around us! The Netherlands and the TU/e was on top of the list, so I decided to start my study in Applied Physics here. 🌍 🚀

My passion to provide and help the people around me have led me towards taking part in different committees and becoming tutor to assist fellow students every year. I have been involved in courses you all have/had, e.g. Calculus and Physics. Moreover, I love being creative, either by doodling and drawing or by working on a project for the most recent @gloweindhoven. Lastly, I have played basketball for my whole life. I now play at @tantalusbasketball, where I am also part of the activity committee. 🤓 🎨 🏀

Last summer I completed my Bachelors, looking back I saw how important it is to have a safe and welcoming community around you! 👨🏼‍🎓 💛

Since September I’m working on my next Academic step, meanwhile I am motivated and feel the need to engage more in decisions made in this university. After being at TU/e for more than 4 years I have (in)directly experienced, discussed and absorbed unspoken struggles that students find important!

By bringing these struggles to the university council and putting them on the spotlight I wish to create a collective vision to improve intercultural communication as part of your TU/e education and with that increase connectedness between all students. 🐥

6. Hans Norg

Hey everyone, my name is Hans Norg and I finished my bachelor in Applied Physics last summer.💛🐥

I have many hobbies like climbing, making music (flute and piano) and playing board and roleplaying games! To do this I’m a member of many amazing associations including The Knights of the Kitchen Table, ESAC and of course my study association van der Waals.🧗‍♂️🎶🎲

In the time long ago before covid times I was the commissioner of External Affairs of E.S.R.G. Knights of the Kitchen Table and in the last one and a half years I’ve been president and commissioner of Internal Affairs of the cultural umbrella association Scala.

I look forward to using my experience as a board member of an association and of an umbrella, to instigate positive change now on the next level in the university council!😁

As board member of Scala I’ve been working together with Groep-één already with the SWeN network to try and improve all facets of Wellbeing! And although we’ve already accomplished a lot, there is still a long road to go.

Let’s improve the TU/e together!💛💛💛

7. Chloe van den Heuvel

Hey everyone, I’m Chloe and I’m a second-year master student in Applied physics and Science Education and Communication.💛💛💛

I’ve been at the TU/e for a little over 5 years now and it’s at the TU/e that I’ve been able to find my true self. In more recent years I’ve been trying to give back and have been very involved in @compass_tue. For little over a year now I’ve been the chair of the Compass board and have been able to get to know the workings of the university better, build up a network and see what is going well and where things still need improvement. 😁

I have gotten to know Group-één through my work within Compass. They have been a great ally and I want to be the same for the whole TU/e community. I hope to use my prior experience to bring positive changes to the university together with the rest of Group-één.💛🐥

8. Mette Schouten

Hi all, my name is Mette and with the elections coming up I feel honored to introduce myself to all of you.💛

I’m a first years master’s student of Applied Physics. Besides studying, I keep myself busy with a lot of side projects. Think of hockeying at Don Quishoot, Dames 1, bouldering, squashing, mountain biking, and being part of the outreach team of AP. 🎾🚲🚴‍♀️

When I need to take my mind of I love to cook dinner for my roommates, this is my way of relaxing.🍽

Last year, in the middle of the corona crisis, I have been the chairman of SVTN “J.D. van der Waals”. And what a year it has been… With the university closing and opening up again I have been close to the fire when talking about the Covid-regulations and what impact this has had on our students. This caused me to be more and more concerned with the community feeling on the TU/e and the well-being of her students.

Past year, we already set up some beautiful projects which I really believe in such as the well-being discussion hours. I look forward to continuing with those projects and more on behalf of Groep-één next year!🐥💛💛

9. Mayke Scheffer

My name is Mayke and I am currently studying Electrical Engineering.💛🐥

The past years I have been getting more involved with the university, especially during my board year at @fse.tue. In this year I have represented the study associations towards the university, especially regarding the coronavirus regulations. Next to this I am active at @etsvthor and I was the chair of this years @momentumtue party working group, from which you might recognize me.😁

I love our campus and everything that happens on it. My goal for the university council is that everyone has a place to study, relax and develop themselves, especially during these times and afterwards!💛💛💛

10. Lucia Kalkman

Hi, I’m Lucia Kalkman and I’m currently finishing up my bachelor in Electrical Engineering. 🐥

You might know me from study association Thor, of which I was the Commissioner of Education last year. I also have been a member of our Department Council for almost 2 years now. 😁

In those past years, I have learned a lot about the structure of this university, and my passion for the quality of education and student well-being grew a lot. In the future, I hope I can use my experience and passion to contribute even more! 💛💛

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