Core Group

Core Group

The core group meetings are low-treshold input sessions where the fraction asks for feedback on relevant matters. The core group consists of a diverse group of students that together represent the entire TU/e community. Via the core group, the fraction and board gather input, send out surveys, ask for opinions on relevant matters, but also simply by listen to the members about what is going on at TU/e. This way the fraction and board know what to focus on, what requires attention, and which direction to take. Hence the members of the core group have a great influence on the focus points of Groep-één!

What is Discussed?

Typically, each core group meeting covers one relevant theme. Recent topics were, among others: innovation in education, the corona crisis and responsible use of campus space. The valuable input from our members in these meetings has been used by the fraction in several UC meetings, work groups and portfolios.

When are the Meetings?

Every three weeks, you are invited to a lunch-break session to voice your opinion and share your experiences. You can see upcoming core sessions in the calendar section at the bottom of the page.

Interested in joining, or do you want some more info? Mail us at, WhatsApp us at +31 (0)40 247 4207, or simply contact any fraction/board member!

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