Core Group

The Core Groep-één is a new initiative meant to increase Groep-één’s communication and cooperation with the TU/e student population. The Core Group consists of a diverse group of students that together represent the entire TU/e community. Via the Core Group the fraction and board embed themselves in the population by gathering input, sending out surveys, asking for opinions on relevant matters, but also simply by listening to the members about what is going on at TU/e. In this way the fraction and board know what to focus on, what requires attention, and which direction to take and thus the members of the Core Group have a great influence on the focuspoints of Groep-één!

The next meeting for the Core Group is planned on June 19 12:30 – 13:30. During the first meeting we discussed our vision behind the Core Group and asked for input regarding the Core Group in practice. In the next meeting we will continue on how the Core Group works and show you what we have done with the feedback that you gave us during the first meeting. Furthermore we will have some new topics to talk about with you. Interested in joining? Let us know via, contact us via Instagram or Facebook, give us a call via +31 (0)40 247 4207, or contact any fraction or board member!