Groep-één committees are a way to get actively involved with Groep-één. These creative and enthusiastic minds keep the party alive and are indispensable to the association. Currently, the association has two committees: the campaign committee and the visibility committee.

Interested in joining a committee, or do you want some more info? Mail us at, whatsapp us at +31 (0)40 247 4207, or simply contact any fraction/board member!

🎉 Campaign Committee 🎉

Each December, the University Council elections take place. The campaign committee takes care of the election campaign for Groep-één to secure as many votes as possible! Starting from September until the elections, they promote the party on social media, design and print posters and flyers. In addition, they organize the fun campaigning days right before the election, where they manage up to thirty enthusiastic Groep-één members that campaign on campus. All in all, the campaign committee is a wonderful experience in which you meet a lot of enthusiastic people that all work towards that one objective: getting those seats!

👀 Visibility Committee 👀

The visibility committee takes care of all the aspects that have to do with promotion of Groep-één: social media, the website, merchandise and visibility events. We are always looking for creative minds who have a keen eye for design and reaching out to people. If you have some fun ideas for promotion, we’re all eager to hear it!

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