About Groep-één

Every year, all students of Eindhoven University of Technology can vote for who is going to represent them in the University Council. Groep-één is with 6 seats the largest party in the University Council. Being part of the University Council (UR), we have direct contact with the Executive Board, also knows as the three big bosses of the university. All 6 fraction members have different topics they work and care about which you can see over here.

Groep-één consists of two parts: the fraction and the association. The association organizes several events throughout the year, such as the campaign, drinks, studentpanels or for instance a breakfast for all students with the executive board.

Goals 2020

Want to know which goals we have for 2019? Wanna know why we have them and what we are doing in order to achieve them?

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Fraction 2020

Want to learn our 2019 fraction and what they’re doing? What do they stand for and what is their background?

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University Council

The University Council is the highest decision-making organ of Eindhoven University of Technology. The University Council discusses university wide topics. Before the University Council takes place, all documents are discussed in the committees to prepare the council. The xx preparatory committees are: