About Groep-één | ESR

Groep-één | ESR is a student party of the University Council (UC) of Eindhoven University of Technology. Groep-één | ESR consists of two parts:
1. The student fraction
2. The association

Every year the students of the TU/e can vote on the student members of the UC. Based on the amount of votes, the 9 seats of the council are distributed among Groep-één | ESR and DAS. The students that take place in the UC on behalf of Groep-één | ESR make up the fraction of Groep-één | ESR.
The fraction works hard every week to represent all TU/e students in the council. By being a member of the UC, these students have the largest influence on TU/e politics and policies. They participate in UC meetings, read policies and regulations, and use your input and feedback to make the TU/e a better place by changing the existing regulations and policies for the better of the TU/e community. Additionally, the fraction members lead initiatives that help the TU/e become better and better. The fraction members are appointed part time.

The association of Groep-één assists the fraction in their work by organizing drinks, student panels, the Student Participation Day, and by taking care of Groep-één | ESR’s social media channels. The association is run by the association board, the members of which are also appointed part time.

Goals 2020

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Fraction 2020

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University Council

The University Council is the highest decision-making organ of Eindhoven University of Technology. The University Council discusses university wide topics with the Executive Board of the TU/e. These topics range from educational policies to campus matters and IT systems. In this way the University Council has a lot of influence on all matters that concern TU/e as a whole and affect both students and staff.