Association of Groep-één

Association of Groep-één

The Groep-één association consists of all the wonderful members that feel connected with our vision. The association is intended to bring this community of students together, so that they can voice their opinions and share their experiences. This valuable feedback is then taken up by the fraction and processed in their work in the UC. The association is run by the board.

The members are frequently informed about University Council and TU/e-wide matters. The core group sessions are an excellent example of regular events where members can voice their opinion or share their experiences, so that the fraction can consider this feedback during the UC-meetings. Everyone can become a member for free, without responsibilities.

However, it is also possible to actively help out in the association! Groep-één has several committees and portfolios that you can join. The former take care of the visibility and promotion of the party, whereas the latter dive deeply into the policy matters that the fraction is concerned with.

The board is always looking for enthusiastic students who are interested in joining a committee or portfolio. You can make a great difference for Groep-één by helping out. Interested? Send us an e-mail at!

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