Our Achievements

Over the past years, Groep-één has brought a lot of improvements to TU/e. Without Groep-één, these projects would not have been realized! Our biggest achievements over the past few years are:

📚 Quality of education:

  • Ensured more student input in the revision of the Bachelor College (Cursor)
  • Removal of USE lines in the revision of the Bachelor College (Cursor)
  • Maintained the quality of education during corona by leading student focus groups and being critical towards rushed decisions

💛 Wellbeing & community:

  • Arranged extra exam resit chances for courses during COVID-19 period. 
  • Appointment of a full-time wellbeing officer to advise in TU/e policy from a (student) wellbeing perspective
  • Founded the Student Wellbeing Network (SWeN), which helps study/student associations in handling student wellbeing (TU/e News)

🌍 Inclusivity, diversity & social safety:

  • Appointment of a full-time diversity officer to advise in TU/e policy from a diversity/internationalisation perspective (Cursor)
  • Leading the social safety committee after reports of sexual harassment, discrimination and power abuse (Cursor)

🎓 Personal development:

  • Arranged funds for full-time student team members (Cursor)
  • Acknowledgement of boards and student teams as a form of personal development and involvement in TU/e community, and including them in the revised Bachelor College
  • Increased board grants for non-EEA students to compensate for higher tuition fees, making a board year a feasible option (Cursor)
  • Received approval for an elective course on personal development for boards and student teams (Happened this year!) (Cursor)

🌱 Sustainability

  • Making sustainability a strategic pillar of the university (Cursor)
  • Contributed to the ‘Sustainable Campus’ development plan with a vision for 2030
  • First party to use sustainable posters during the campaign, inspiring others to follow suit

👩🏼‍🎓 Facilities & housing

  • Sparked an investigation into the use of rooms and study places on campus
  • Pushed for more student housing on campus, leading to 735 new apartments starting from 2023 (Cursor)
  • Metaforum library only accessible for TU/e students during exam periods (Cursor)
  • Arranged hybrid meeting rooms during the Corona pandemic
  • Longer opening times on campus during the Corona pandemic
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