The summer break is almost upon us! Just a quick reminder: If you had to buy a clicker and you no longer use it, you can turn it in at the ICT Services Student desk in the MetaForum before August 30ᵗʰ. Doing so will earn you a gift certificate of €20!

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The last University Council Meeting before the summer break took place yesterday and the agenda was packed.

A short update regarding the 12-hour schedule was given by the Rector and the plan is to investigate the different scenario’s and discuss these scenario’s with a multitude of different parties to be affected by the implementation of a certain schedule. Furthermore a new tender offer has been requested for a new Professional Skills test, as the reactions to the current Professional Skills test were less than favorable.

A lot of other documents were discussed and approved after sufficient answering of the University Council’s questions:
• The Profiling Fund 2017-2018;
• The Student Statute 2017-2018;
• The tuition fees for next year;
• The plan for selection for admission.
The decision to use the plan for selection for admission has not been made as of yet, however. That decision will be made before the second semester of Academic Year 2017-2018.

Finally the plans for TU/e Innovation Space have also been approved. We are all very excited to see this concept put into practice.

We wish you all the best of luck with your exams next week(s) and afterwards we encourage you to enjoy your summer break!

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Yesterday the 177th University Council meeting took place, where the following topics were discussed:

The growth of the subscriptions for next year will be around 7%, which is a challenge for us but not entirely undoable. In other good news, the Student Shop will remain in the Metaforum! The Executive Board agrees that the service is a necessary comfort for all students but also faces the challenge of finding a central spot for ICT services, presently situated in the Matrix building to be reconstructed next year. This means that the Student Shop will be altered, but it will not disappear altogether. We expect to receive more information as this process unfolds.

Additionally the proposal for the implementation of the Reinforcement of Administrative Clout Act was discussed. We wrote a letter to the Executive Board stating that we were not able to provide them with a properly founded advice. In our opinion the report was incomplete for a number of reasons, the fact that no students participated in the steering committee among them. We will await a new version to arrive anytime soon, which we can then review.

Finally some important financial documents have been discussed, for example the Spring Memorandum and the Q1 Report.

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Do you think the Student Shop is an essential part of the TU/e and do you want to help keep the Student Shop open? You can sign a petition at the service desk and join the 600 other students who have signed it already. ...

ENGLISH BELOW Ruim zeshonderd mensen tekenden al voor behoud van de Student Shop. ENGLISH Over 600 people have already signed a petition to keep the Student Shop open.

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During the 175th University Council meeting yesterday, several documents have been discussed.

First, Groep-één is happy to announce that the Executive Board has agreed that the upcoming exam period, again, only students and employees of TU/e will have access to MetaForum Library! Access will be regulated manually, and in the meantime, long term solutions will be investigated. In addition, a norm to correlate student numbers and study spots will be studied. For more information about our pilot and outcomes, see the evaluation report:

We also dealt with the legal protection of students. This document contains the process around all complaints and conflicts, which have increased, that students have applied during the calendar year 2016.

Furthermore, the annual report of Bachelor College (BC) 2016 has been discussed. This encloses the earlier defined strategic goals for the BC project, like improving students’ academic success rates and taking various student interest and ambitions into account with help of elective space. We are happy to see that there has been made a lot of progress with respect to the goals.

Additionally the regulation ASIBI (‘Aanmelding, Studiekeuzecheck, Inschrijving en Beëindiging Inschrijving) has been discussed. Big changes are due to the new rule that all new students of propaedeutic phase must register before the 1st of May and subsequently participate to the ‘Studiekeuzecheck’ to enroll.

Finally, the progress report of the Executive agenda and the Strategic Plan 2017-2020 were part of the agenda of the University Council.

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Mochten wij jullie in december nog niet overtuigd hebben dat stemmen belangrijk is, dan hier Tim Hofman van de Stembus voor jullie. (Neem vrij), ga stemmen!! ...

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Meet our Student Fraction, already working from January 2017 to make the TU/e a better place for all students!

from left to right: Reijn van den Burg, Judith Muijsers, Camiel Steffanie, Gert-Jan Both and Neeltje Voesenek

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