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University Coucil Meeting
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Our vision

Groep-één improves TU/e in several focus areas:

  • 📚 Quality of Education
  • 💛 Wellbeing & Community
  • 🌍 Inclusivity, Diversity & Social Safety
  • 🎓 Personal & Professional Development
  • 🌱 Sustainability
  • 🏠 Facilities & Housing

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Our achievements

Over the past years, Groep-één has improved TU/e in many ways. Ranging from solving small issues to safeguarding the long-term quality of education at our university, our achievements are something that we proudly look back on. ☺️

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Get involved!

Interested in making a change at TU/e? Consider getting involved with Groep-één! 🐥 Besides becoming a regular member, you can take up a role in the faction, board or a committee. We are always looking for enthusiastic students that want to help us improve the TU/e!

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