The Largest TU/e Student Fraction

About Groep-één

About Groep-één Groep-één is a student party of the University Council (UC) of Eindhoven University of Technology. Groep-één consists of two parts:1. The student fraction2. The associationEvery year the students of the TU/e can vote...
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Elections 2020 The “Real” election website gives way more information about the elections! And you can find the party program below: Claim your Ducky Socks!! Party-Program-Groepeen-2020 Election Result 2019 The University Council elections for 2020...
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Get Involved

Get Involved There are multiple ways for you to get involved in Groep-één | ESR. You can join our Core Group, attend Student Panels or GMM’s, and come to our regular drinks. You can also...
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