During the 175th University Council meeting yesterday, several documents have been discussed.

First, Groep-één is happy to announce that the Executive Board has agreed that the upcoming exam period, again, only students and employees of TU/e will have access to MetaForum Library! Access will be regulated manually, and in the meantime, long term solutions will be investigated. In addition, a norm to correlate student numbers and study spots will be studied. For more information about our pilot and outcomes, see the evaluation report:

We also dealt with the legal protection of students. This document contains the process around all complaints and conflicts, which have increased, that students have applied during the calendar year 2016.

Furthermore, the annual report of Bachelor College (BC) 2016 has been discussed. This encloses the earlier defined strategic goals for the BC project, like improving students’ academic success rates and taking various student interest and ambitions into account with help of elective space. We are happy to see that there has been made a lot of progress with respect to the goals.

Additionally the regulation ASIBI (‘Aanmelding, Studiekeuzecheck, Inschrijving en Beëindiging Inschrijving) has been discussed. Big changes are due to the new rule that all new students of propaedeutic phase must register before the 1st of May and subsequently participate to the ‘Studiekeuzecheck’ to enroll.

Finally, the progress report of the Executive agenda and the Strategic Plan 2017-2020 were part of the agenda of the University Council.

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Mochten wij jullie in december nog niet overtuigd hebben dat stemmen belangrijk is, dan hier Tim Hofman van de Stembus voor jullie. (Neem vrij), ga stemmen!! ...

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Meet our Student Fraction, already working from January 2017 to make the TU/e a better place for all students!

from left to right: Reijn van den Burg, Judith Muijsers, Camiel Steffanie, Gert-Jan Both and Neeltje Voesenek

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Yesterday, the monthly University Council (UR) meeting has taken place.

We discussed several documents including the analysis of academic process during the Bachelor College Cohorts 2008-2015, which shows an upward trend in the study process, partly through the introduction of the Binding Study Advice (BSA). We are glad to see that the increase of the BSA limit from 40 EC to 45 EC did not have a significant impact on the percentage of failures.
Within the TU/e, a Research Support Network is established which will assist faculties, especially academic staff, in the development of research proposals in order to find good alignment with the (research funding) market.
The Institutional Plan 2017-2020 mainly describes the Strategic Plan of the TU/e. The Board of Executives prefers to act with an eye on the student growth, excellent education, international impact, partnerships, people and finances.
Studentlife! describes the vision about the support of student organizations affiliated with the TU/e, which includes no big changes yet.
Furthermore, the updated guidelines regarding bi-certification for both Bachelor College and Graduate School were discussed, as well as the topic list of the so called ‘’Model OER’, which is of great importance for all students. The topics of the defined topic list will carefully be discussed in relevant gremia, to monitor possible changes accurately.

For questions you can reach us via FB or

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Kijk straks live mee! ...

Lijsttrekkersdebat: De Student Kiest

February 13, 2017, 4:30pm - February 13, 2017, 5:30pm

De landelijke studentenorganisaties, studentenverenigingen, hogescholen en universiteiten hebben de handen ineen geslagen en organiseren op maandag 13 februari 2017, van 16:30 tot 17:30 uur: ‘De Student Kiest’, hét lijsttrekkersdebat over hoger onderwijs. De inloop is van 15:45 tot 16:15. Wees optijd! In het auditorium van TU Delft, met honderden studenten en andere potentiële kiezers als publiek, dagen we de lijsttrekkers van de grote partijen uit om in debat te gaan met hun politieke opponenten en met een belangrijke groep uit hun electoraat. Programma 15:45 uur: inloop 16:15 uur: ontvangst 16:30 uur: start lijsttrekkersdebat 17:30 uur: einde debat + netwerkborrel U bent van harte uitgenodigd om bij dit lijsttrekkersdebat aanwezig te zijn. Het aanmeldformulier is helaas gesloten. Wel kunt u zich inschrijven voor de reservelijst:

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More quiet? Easier to get a spot? How did you experience studying in the MetaForum last exam period?

Fill in the poll and let us know:

The pilot will be evaluated with the TU/e to decide how to tackle the problems in the MetaForum in the future.

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During this exam period (January 16th - February 3rd), the Metaforum Library is only accessible for TU/e students and employees upon showing their campus card. Groep-één will be evaluating the pilot experiment in collaboration with the TU/e.

Non-TU/e visitors can fill in a quick poll (ca. 1 minute) to give their opinion on the pilot and the use of the Metaforum Library:

TU/e students will be asked to fill in a poll after the pilot.

For more information, please read the Cursor article:

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